Friday, October 24, 2008

I Love My Family

I LOVE MY FAMILY (and when I say family this includes my mentor family)!!! They are the loves of my life. I have been really family sick lately and this weekend is great. My older Sissy is turning 26 tomorrow and Momma and Daddy are here in Katy with us to celebrate her birthday. The most exciting news in our family right now is that Sissy is pregnant with the first grandchild/nephew of the family!!!! She is six months and too cute! They have decided on naming this precious baby Hayden Matthew. We cannot wait for him to be born and to be blessed with this baby in our lives.

This weekend is great because we are getting to spends time together as a family (minus the two brothers). Seeing Sissy grow each and every time I see her is so cool. She and her husband are former Living Hopers and Aggies so they are here a lot during the fall for football. I travel to Katy once a month to see them which is great.

The best part about my family is how much fun we all have. We are all so random and we are so close. My mentor family gets to spend time with my family sometimes and my family just love them so much for the blessing they have been in my life. My parents adore the girls and as they prepare to be grandparents they get to practice with the girls. Anika and Ariana call them "Nonnie and Pop Pop", and my parents just eat it up. My daddy is so ready to be a grandpa. The girls love my family and are so involved in anything that goes on with them. This past week we had a scare with my Sissy's pregnancy and a few issues that were needing prayer and randomly the girls would pray for "Miss ACole (Nicole)" and "Baby Hayden". They are too precious. Although I am enjoying my family and having a blast I can't help but miss their little voices and tight sqeeze hugs and just them being around when I wake up in the morning. I will be glad to get back home to them Saturday and get some good hugs from my girls!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Better late then Never!

Soooo I figured it was a great time to start a blog.....better late then never right? I always have much to talk about and write about so I am excited to get to share my life and it's random happenings with you all.

So I am sure by now everyone knows that I am currently living with my wonferful mentor and her family. Ana Williams and the rest of the Williams gang. I love them all dearly and I love where I am. Living here has been such a blessing and a great learning experience in so many ways. The girls are a huge part of my life these days and I love them more then words can express. At times I just have to stop and thank God and praise him for the creation of these two beautiful girls with hearts that are overwhelmingly huge and full of love. They are precious, and it sounds weird to say but sometimes they just seem to know exactly what to say to warm my heart and put me back where I need to be. They call me Hunny which is actually the inspiration for my blog name. I love it.

Currently I am still in school and I am an Agriculture Leadership Development and Communications major at A&M and I graduate this coming May. WHOOP; So close to being done! I can't wait but at the same time I am curious as to what God has planned next for me. Whatever it is I am sure he will reveal to me in good time and until then I am sitting in the backseat just enjoying the ride.

I am fostering a puppy right now and her name is Jewellz. She is quite a delight to the household right now and she is a sweet girl. I am not sure if I am going to end up just fostering her, or if I am going to end up having to adopt her because I fall in love with her....We will see! Haha. A lot of you know that I am an aunt to be in January. My older sister is pregnant and due in January with a little boy. He will be named Hayden Matthew and he will be the first grandchild/nephew of the family. We are stoked! I get to go help her with nursery stuff today and I am pretty happy about that. I also will get to see Momma because she will be there as well to help with Sissy. I am family sick right now, so this adventure is exactly what I need.

Ok well this is just the first of many posts to come, I just had to get one posted. I will continue updates and new news later!